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Barcelona avis sur le tour

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La Sagrada Familia : visite guidée avec billet coupe-file

Anonymous, USA
Tour guide was very informative and answered all questions without hesitation.

Anonymous, United Kingdom
La Sagrada Familia is fabulous & a must see on any trip to Barcelona but the tour itself with the commentary didn't really add anything to the experience. I think an audio tour at your own pace would be better.

Anonymous, Australia
Don't go on you're own! The guide gives you Such a great perspective, the local knowledge. You can't get that an other way

Anonymous, USA
Do not miss this beautiful basillica, the history of it is so inspiring as well. The dedication of the people to finish this exceptional architectual masterpiece is amazing.

sara L., USA
Fabulous! Only way to go. Our guide, Amalia, was so animated, funny, and a joy to listen to. We walked right in, easy, and had a fabulous tour with time to wander around in the end. What a special place!

Ikenna U., Qatar
Angela, our tour guide, was great. Towards the end of the tour there was a lot of interference with our head phone system. It also rained so we missed our access to the tower. We eventually got our refund back. Overall, I will use your services. Thank you for allowing us to beat the line on a rainy day!

Sidney R., Brazil
Great way to aknowledge lots of interesting facts about the church, its history and construction. Prefer the Spanish spoken guided tour, cause the english ones has loooots of people. Unforgatable place!!

Robert G., Australia
When we decided to do this tour, we had limited time, and needed to make sure we 'skipped the line'. However, it's more than just avoiding queues - there is so much more to know about the history and background to this masterpiece which you just wouldn't get without a guide. Local knowledge is priceless when you have a limited window to do the research and get a full understanding of the genius in this amazing building.

Oda B., Australia
Tour was awesome. Guide was very knowledgeable and sagrada familia was absolutely breathtaking. Every one should have the opportunity to see this awesome Gaudi creation. Will be back in 2026 when it is fully completed.

beverly R., USA
The guide was phenomenal! She made the structure make sense and the intentions of the architect clear- very knowledgeable. The tour itself was the right amount of time with time to explore the tower on your own

À partir de US$39.36
Barcelone - Gaudi, la Sagrada Familia et la Casa Batlló

Anonymous, USA
City Discovery organized our tour through the BGB(Barcelona Guide Bureau). We had one of the best english speaking guides called Bernard. He was very fluent, knowledgeable and passionate about his job. We were handed ear phones connected to the guide's microphone and we could hear him at any distance. The bus rides were comfortable, cool, and well organized.

Phillip A., Spain

Adam L., Switzerland
Our guide - Carlos Picaso was superb - please get the message to him, his commentary through Casa Battlo and Sagrada Famillia was faultless. many many thanks to him for making this tour a highlight of our visit to Barcelona

Pam H., Australia
I would recommend this tour as we only had a small window of time in Barcelona. I repaid before leaving Melbourne. Our tour guide Bernard was the making of this tour with his history knowledge and excellent English.

Susan W., USA
Our tour guide Bernard was the best ever! He was filled with knowledge, and had a great sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Bernard!

Anonymous, New Zealand
Disappointed not to see Guell Park which was on the itinerary according to the information we had been given initially.

Dianne H., Australia
I was disappointed that we did not stop at Park Guell for a guided tour as per your tour description on the website. This was one of the reasons why I booked this tour. There would have been enough time if less time was spent at a couple of the other stops.

Anonymous, USA
Interesting overview of Gaudi. The group was on a big bus, not a smaller, more nimble one. Our guide, Oliver, was articulate, bright and very knowledgable. I felt a bit bad for him, as we had a low energy,quiet group on this tour.

Anonymous, USA
This tour was very informative and easy to locate in Plaça Cataluyna. Took as to Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia with time to explore both on our own for a short time. Tour guide was very informative and helpful.

Bruce P., USA
Our tour guide was Monica, who did an outstanding job. She was very knowledgeable about the Guadi sites as well as the history of other Barcelona buildings nearby. She was patient, thoro and a really nice person. Thank you.

À partir de US$76.40
Casa Batllo - Billet d'entrée coupe-file

Sidney R., Brazil
Awesome interactive tour that makes you travel inside this amazing building!

À partir de US$26.05
La carte Barcelona Card : votre passe pour les plus beaux sites culturels, les transports en commun gratuits et les meilleures réductions

Anonymous, USA
It was great to have unlimited metro passes and a booklet of possible museums and attractions to visit right away, without having to purchase separate metro tickets or figure out where we were going. It is also a handy map of the city. Well worth it.

Anonymous, United Kingdom
So Nice....This card is Awesome....save money.saves time in metro...roamed entire Barcelona

Sandra O., United Kingdom
excellent value for money. The Card covers most of the attractions in Barcelona (not Familia Segrada). You also get a booklet telling you what it covers. We definitely travelled more becuase of the card. One point was that when I took the email print off to the Tourism Office at El Prat, they didn't know what it was, but the guys at Sants station were great.

Anonymous, France
The Barcelona Card will save you time and money. It worked with no problems the second I tried to leave the airport. If you're going all over the city to see attractions then buying a train ticket each time will really put you out of pocket. The Barcelona Card takes all the worry out of that no matter how many times you take the train or bus. And at really popular attractions like the Picasso Museum where the line stretches on for ages, I just showed my card and skipped the long wait ahead of dozens of people. This card gives you instant access to places you really will want to see.

Anonymous, USA
The Barcelona Card was very useful but if you also do the double decker bus tour, you only need it for the other days you'll be in the city. There was some confusion about getting the card. At Placa Catalunya they sent us back to Julia Travel and then Julia Travel sent us right back to Placa Catalunya where they figured it out. A little extra walking, but still worth it for the buses and trains.

Roger R., USA
The Barcelona Card is a must for traveling around the city. We did not use it as much as previously thought because our hotel had free daily service to the city centre but when we did use it, it was easy and a great way to travel. We only had one bad experience so watch yourself if on vacation as some people do not have anything to do and seem to believe that stealing is an acceptable way to make a living. We noticed two men lottering near an advertising sign as we were entering the subway and when we returned to the street they followed us until we sat down at an outside cafe. Another couple in the group had their credit card and money taken while on the train. If Barcelona wants to keep the tourist coming to their city, they need to get these people off the streets otherwise the tourist will stop coming if they feel threatened. Just Google all the problems people have had with theft in Barcelona.

À partir de US$23.15
Barcelone en bus à impériale hop-on hop-off

Mary Ann M., USA
Great way to see the city. We took the full 2 hours without getting off. Then next day we stopped at various places and got back on. Best place to sit is top deck in the back where there is shade.

Sidney R., Brazil
Easy and comfortable way to go to all the great touristic points in Barcelona!

Vagner A., Brazil
Ótimo. Consideramos que essa é a melhor maneira de conhecer uma localidade quando não se tem muito tempo.

Wendy L., Spain
Great way to see Barcelona, now want to return and spend more time at a lot of the places we saw.

Hector H., USA
It takes you to all the big sites, for real - we discovered that a lot of these buses pass through them (Tower Bridge) or near them (not past the front of Buckingham Palace!?) - this bus made sure you saw everything. Also, if you get it so you can ride any of the routes, it's cheaper and better than taking a taxi anywhere! The stops were all over the city, and there was one in Plaza Catalunya, which was right where we were staying - we used it to get to the mountain, to the mall, to the churches, everywhere! Definitely book this one.

Iris C., Hong Kong
Hop-on hop-off is absolutely a must for day tourist! The bus service is very professional, timely, frequent and covered a number of must-see locations and buildings. The city bus parked just outside the cruise ship terminal to the Hoho bus pick-up point cost 3.50 euros for return trip and was only a short ride to the city.

Lillian S., Canada
Great way to see the city with brief descriptions of the sites.

Dennis D., Canada
Your Barcelona Hop On Hop Off was the perfect way to see the city. Having the 2 different routes gave you an overview of the entire city. This is a must for anyone visiting Barcelona!

Pam S., United Kingdom
Once we got on the bus we had a really good day. The commentary was good and mostly in time. The driver was very good. The buses were really frequent on the route. The second day was raining, and even though there was a cover over the top, we did get very cold and wet. This was not the operators fault though! It would have been a rush to do both routes in 1day. The only criticism was getting the bus in the first place. We queued for ages to find we were in the queue for the wrong bus(there are 2 different companies ). We then had to get to the other side of Placa Catalunya and queue again. Definitely a good thing to do, even better if we had clearer instruction on where to get on!

Anonymous, United Kingdom
The tour system was reliable. We found the east bound route took up too much time because the bus was so slow. Of general interest I caught a man picking my pocket in the Metro at Plaza Espanya. He wasn't able to steal anything so I let him go. There were no Metro officials around.

À partir de US$32.41
Montserrat : dégustation de vin et de tapas à Oller del Mas (en petit groupe)

Simon, the tour guide was excellent and very informative, as well as entertaining. The wine tastings and tapas were delicious.

À partir de US$75.23
Spectacle Flamenco à Tablao Cordobes

Gillian W., United Kingdom
I thought the meal and service were excellent and the flamenco show an extraordinary experience. I would strongly recommend it to anyone

Ramez H., Saudi Arabia
Big variyity of food and delicious. the show is amazing and charming.

Anonymous, Canada
The Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes is definitely worth seeing. During the show, a series of Flamenco dances, music and songs are presented. Although the dances / music / songs are interesting, there is no narrative / background information provided - providing this information would help the audience better understanding the performances. We also had the buffet dinner at the theatre prior to the show. There was a good selection available at the buffet, more focussed on seafood items.

Julia G., USA
The buffet was very good. We enjoyed it a lot. The show was exciting and very well presented. No castinets, but fiery footwork! I recommend it for a wonderful night out!

Julia G., USA
The buffet dinner was very good. We enjoyed talking to fellow diners. The Flemenco dance troup were excellent and very exciting! We truly enjoyed ourselves. It certainly was worth the price and gave us the flavor of Spain.

Irina D., USA
Great place!!! Food was great!!! Service was great! Unlimited drinks!!! Big thank you to the our waitress Nikolay. Show is great and long!!!!

Rosalie B., Canada
The Flamenco was good but the seating was very cramped and the room too hot. The food was not very good and the staff only offered the 1st drink, then were hard to access for more.

À partir de US$50.94
Barcelone de nuit avec spectacle son et lumière à la fontaine magique de Montjuïc

martina C., United Kingdom
Tour guide was excellent.great command of English and gave plenty of relevant information without being over the top.fountain was a magical night and the view's of the city were not to be missed.great night and left off outside our hotel afterwards.that extra touch makes all the difference.would highly recommend.

À partir de US$34.73
Visite de Montserrat et son abbaye en une matinée

Russell M., Australia
A spectacular Basilica in a spectacular setting. A very informative and knowledgeable guide as well. This was a true highlight of our trip to Europe. Not to be missed.

Anonymous, USA
This was an awesome tour and we loved the drive and the informative tour guide along the way. We had plenty of time to slip in the chapel and listen to the choir, make it to the top of the funicular, take some pictures and get back down to eat a bite before we left. You could certainly spend several hours at the top hiking - it's breathtaking. But for a short tour, this is a must on a visit to Barcelona.

Montserrat é lindo demais. Passeio realizado pela manhã cumprindo todos os horários e tempo disponível para visitação da Igreja e Imagem da Virgem de Montserrat.Parabens!!!

maria M., United Kingdom
Very nice place if you are not afraid of heights and winding roads.

Jean M., Canada
The tour was perfect and the local guide was excellent. The bus was clean et confortable. Even if the tour was given in English, the guide gave to my wife all the informations required in french because she do not speak english

Julia G., USA
It was a very nice ride up to the mountains, however, we had to wait on line for over an hour and a half just to see the Black Madonna, only to have to leave before seeing it because we had to return to the bus to return to the city.

Anonymous, Australia
A must do tour. Fabulous drive out to Monserrat, sensational views and beautiful scenery when you reach Monserrat. Highly recommended.

Roger R., USA
The tour was great with one exception, our tour guide did not give us enough time to see the Black Madonna. Rather than get up in line early we walked around the shopping area talking about what we could do. It would have been better to get in line and meet up later to talk about shopping ideas. Montserrat is amazing and a must see for anyone regardless of religious belief. The buildings and site is well constructed and blends in with the natural setting.

Kristen B., Australia
If you have more than two days in Barcelona, then it is worth going to Montserrat and seeing the lovely view from the mountains. We could have spent more time exploring the top of the mountain though. If less than 2 days I would spend more time on the attractions in Barcelona. The guide did not really guide us, she told us a little bit of information on the bus and then we did not see her again until we got back on the bus. You are really just paying for transport and so you could probably find a cheaper option to do this by yourself.

Richard P., USA
It was interesting

À partir de US$61.35
Les Sites Incontournables de Barcelone

Anonymous, Italy
Do it!!

Russell M., Australia
The Sagrada Familia was an amazing building and to get to skip the line was a real bonus. Just the right amount of time here before moving on to see Barcelona's other highlights. The Spanish Village was another bonus and to see the city from up there was wonderful. The guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend it.

Alexandra P., Australia
It was a great tour. Would ahve been better if they didnot spend so much time at the Sagrada Familia as were were quite rushed for the rest of the tour.

Anonymous, Canada
The tour focussed a lot on Sagrada Familia which is fine but left little time for other highlights of Barcelona. The guide was excellent & very knowledgeable. He provided a lot of information as we drove through many parts of Barcelona. He was a true professional guide. He was patient, attentive & had a good sense of humour.

Julia G., USA
I truly enjoyed seeing La Familia Segrada. It was just amazing. Other views of Gaudi's work were seen also. I also enjoyed La Poble Espanol, although I would have liked to have been able to spend a little more time there. It was a nice introduction to Barcelona however.

Corina C., USA
We were greeted by some very friendly tour guides who took the time to explain to us the history of Barcelona and was with us all the way. We went to Sagrada Familia which was the highlight of the tour and drove around Gaudi's houses. I wish we had time to stop in each of his houses - that's one thing I would change on this tour. As a final stop, we went to Montjuic, which is a mountaineous area on the outskirts of Barcelona where people go to relax. It was really beautiful. We got a few great panoramic shots of the city. They dropped us off at the pick up point. We recommend it if you want to skip the line for the Sagrada Familia, but not if you want a very detailed first hand experience of the city. If you do, take a walking tour or do it yourself. Walking is the best in order to explore everything.

Alisar S., Australia
This whole tour was amazing!!!!

Kah Kay A., Singapore
If you have limited time in Barcelona, this tour will cover everything that you should see in this beautiful city. Some of Gaudi's masterpieces are included in this tour - Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batillo, La Pedrera. It also covers the Spanish Village and Olympic Stadium in Montjuic.

Andrea B., Ecuador
The tour was very good and the guide too, comfortable transportation. But I think that would be better if the guide give the people a little more time, in some places I felt a little of rush.

John C., USA
This was an overall good tour. The guide was informative and enthusiastic, though slightly difficult to understand at times. Booking through City-Discovery was a breeze.

À partir de US$71.77
Visite du Montserrat - Après-midi

MARY ANN U., Philippines
Lovely and calming place.

MARY ANN U., Philippines
Lovely and calming place.

Sidney R., Brazil
Beautiful Monastery, located at the top of a huge mountain, with amazing views of the valley... you can go up to the mountain top with the funicular or through some walking trails, but there's not enought time to do it all, specially if you stay in line to see the black madonna. When leaving, buy great cheese at the vendors outside!

Kerrie H., Australia
Fantastic guide was excellent perfect amount of time on the mountain unless you want to go on the walks then you would need a full day tour.

Anonymous, Singapore
The trip was ideal for half a day. The guide and the transportation was good. The place is wonderful.

muriel Z., Australia
Very enjoyable and interesting. The driver Jesus was very pleasant . The guide was very friendly and very informative.Would have liked to have more time for activity at Montserrat {time for prayer, shopping (at the market stalls , to enjoy the scenery from the mountain top.I found it rather rushed. Would have liked a longer time at Montserrat.Otherwise would recommend this trip to others.beautiful scenerand the spiritual experience at the shrine of Our Lady

Lalaine M., Australia
Beautiful place to visit. half day is not enough. Bring a cardigan if visiting during summer as it can get really windy and chilly.

Jamie G., USA
We loved this and seeing Montserrat is a must if you are visiting Barcelona. I do feel though that this tour is a little rushed and we could have probably used one more hour on the mountain.

Edward J., Australia
It was an informative tour with plenty of time to explore the site. The guide Laura is a delightful person with a considerable knowledge. She is an asset to your company. I have not loaded our photos onto the computer as yet but we found Montserrat a visual delight.

Brian M., United Kingdom
Wonderful day trip. High recommended!

À partir de US$55.57
Barcelone - Tapas Tour en petit groupe

Anonymous, Australia
Our guide, Dago, was warm, friendly, funny and made our night an unforgettable experience. Thankfully we had not eaten lunch that day, we could only just finish what we had been given at the end of the night. Good, fresh food, interesting tapas bars and enough to drink to go with it.

Anonymous, Australia
Was very lucky to have a personalised tour and it was awesome!!! I fully recommend it to all amazing food and wine but the knowledge I learnt was also incredible.

Mrs. Susanne S. .,
Our guide, Matthias, was great. It was fun to spent the time with him. The only negative thing to mention was the female employee from urban adventures who was on the phone when I called because the guide was late. She was very impolite and unfriendly and not willing to help. Fortunately the guide arrived after a while and explained his lateness. He just extended the tour which wasn't a problem for the participants.I would suggest that urban adventure leaves the phone number from the guide in future than we don't bother the female employee.

À partir de US$79.88
Visite de Barcelone avec Ascension au Château de Montjuic en Téléférique

Gillian W., United Kingdom
Being of limited mobility there were bits of it that I could not do, and I think it would be helpful to issue a warning about this aspect. For example, I could not get up to the castle However, the cable ar ride was wonderful.

À partir de US$57.88
Tarragone et chemin de Sitges (pour petit groupe)

Keith C., United Kingdom
This tour was very interesting and diverse...from historical Tarragona to the beautiful seaside town of Sitges. Our guide Enrique was very knowledgeable, pleasant and with a good command of English. We would not hesitate to recommend this tour as a wonderful day out.

Sidney R., Brazil
Very interesting tour for those who like archeology and history! Our tour guide, Jordi, had great knowledge of the area and was very kind. The tour ends in Sitges and we have time for lunch and you can also go the beach, so... bring your swim suit!!!

Anonymous, Italy
Interesting but we thought Tarragona had more interesting things to be seen. Sitges is a nice touristic resort

Gary D., USA
The Tour itself is not very interesting except for the Roman Aqueduct. The city of Sitges is a nice sea side small town, however, if the wether is cold or rainy, there is really nothing to see, besides, the restaurants are overpriced and the food is not great.

Anonymous, USA
We enjoyed the whole trip but my favorite part was swimming in the ocean. We were a little disappointed that we didn't have as much time as we thought in Sitges but we made do.

Martine R., Canada
We did the Tarragona and Sitges Trail tour and we really enjoyed it! Our guide, Ana, was very friendly and she went out of her way to make sure that everybody had a wonderful day! We really recommend it!

Luis A., USA
Tarragona is a very interesting city with a lot of history. I loved Sitges! Best seafood paella that I have had in a long time!

À partir de US$103.03
Journée à Montserrat en train à crémaillère

Anna G., New Zealand
Enjoyed trip. Tour guide very informative and able to provide commentary in three languages

Anna G., New Zealand
Great day and enjoyed the trip.

LaKursha P., U.A.E.
Awesome view from the top! I would strongly recommend this tour. I was able to see the Boys Choir sing! Great Experience! Train was good but I wasn't necessary for good views...you can also just take the bus to the top. Do the Montserrat without the train.

Anonymous, USA
Montserrat was beautiful! The trip up the mountain, the scenery, the history and the Boy's Choir - All Not to be missed!

Martine R., Canada
We enjoyed the Montserrat with Cog-Wheel Train Tour but unfortunately, we booked the tour in French and to our surprise, it was given in Spanish and Italian. When we mentionned this to the tour guide, she told us that it was impossible and would not listen to our comments. We booked the tour in French because my travel companion is not fluent in English and we ended up paying for a service we did not receive. That was a big deception. Not much tours are given in French in Spain and we were looking forward to have all the commentaries in our native tongue. Martine Rouleau (Ms.) Quebec, Canada

Rosalie B., Canada
Very good guide. Not quite enough time at the church - I mean, to go all that way and not be able to go right up to the Black Madonna was a disappointment.

Leigh D., United Kingdom
Alberto our guide was brilliant and very informative. I feel for the price we paid, we should have had at least another hour at Montserrat. We had to REALLY rush our lunch in order to see the choir sing before RUNNING for the coach at 1.30. We went in February and it was relatively quiet there so we did not have to queue to see the Black Madonna. If it had been a busy day I think we would only have had time to see the Madonna and would have got on the bus very hungry for a long ride back to Barcelona. As a family of 4 we paid over E200 for what turned out to be just about 2 hours there (during which we had to find time to eat!). I think it is not really good value for money at that cost for such a mad rush around. I would appreciate YOUR comments.

John R., Japan
it was a foggy day and we could not see anything about the scenery. the cog-wheel train is not really a recommendation though.

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